Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Homes, Schools, Churches & Businesses
All need what I bring
So, I step to the door
I knock or bell ring
They all ask the question - How much does it cost
I answer by asking - how much will be lost
If the villains get wind
That your spot is easy pickings
It’s your windows they’ll shatter
Your doors, they’ll be kicking
It’s your treasured possessions
They will cart off
Of course, they are insured
But, they still will be lost
And what of your youngsters 
Alone, unattended
Do you know when they are home
And who they’ve befriended
Can you see if they are studying or watching TV
The price of this kind of control
Just how much should it be
To manage what matters
From the palm of your hand
Yet you call it’s expensive 
I don’t understand
Because, it’s less than the price 
Of your flat-screen TV
What I offer is priceless

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