Saturday, October 18, 2014


People often ask me if ADT is hiring, and I always tell them yes. Truth is, there's always openings in professions that set high standards. Opportunity abounds in fields that require high performance, self discipline, drive, tolerance, self motivation, acquired skills and an appreciation for quality. People who need to be told what to do, when & how to do it, simply don't thrive in environments that demand constant adjustment, creativity and a penchant for problem solving. Working at ADT is not tactile, never redundant and it's certainly not stagnant, as technology constantly changes the playing field. It's a place where You are the master of Your own destiny.
Protecting What Matters Most!

If you think you have the moxie to make it with the leaders in the security industry, please feel free to call me @ 662-582-1105, to learn more, apply and start your own career is the business of helping save lives and protecting property.

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