Saturday, April 11, 2015


It's one of the saddest things that comes to mind...
The questions that people ask themselves after a tragedy.

Why didn't we check the smoke detector batteries?
Why didn't I unload the gun?
Why didn't I call?
Why wasn't he/she wearing their seatbelt ?
Why didn't we just get a burglar alarm?

These questions are saddest because the tragedies that ensued might have been avoidable and the outcome may have been different.

I love what I do as a Security Specialist. I help people to add value to their homes, schools, churches and businesses by walking through the premiss and pointing out vulnerabilities such as poorly lit areas, dangerous/hazardous conditions, areas that may present liability issues (Slip/Fall conditions) and areas that my be tempting to criminals.

I don't show up at a location to sell a burglar alarm, that's not fun, exciting or something that takes a great deal of creativity. After all, people can buy all types of stuff in department stores, home builder outlets and online. I achieve satisfaction from helping people notice possible threats and issues before they become costly and money starts walking out of the doors. 

Wether it's showing a home owner how to create a safer driveway area for their small children, helping keep parishioners safe when they'er performing church business after service hours, saving a store owner thousands of dollars in losses due shoplifting and employee thefts; these are just some of the ways I get to use my skills and creativity every day. I thrive because everyone's needs are different and every solution to their challenges are unique. There's never redundancy or lack of challenge. 

But I do have a preference...
I prefer to work with proactive people: people who take the safety of themselves, their families, employees and communities seriously.
Proactive people understand that even the most extreme safeguard measures cannot guarantee that nothing will ever happen, but they are willing to do their best to minimize the risks and possible losses. They sleep better at night, knowing that they've done all within their power to provide the safest possible environment for the people and things they value most.

It's heart-wrenchingly difficult to talk about safety to someone who has recently suffered a loss. Victims are emotional, attempting to make decisions under a cloud of stressful duress. They feel pressured to avoid a repeated incident, but sadly, in the case of burglary, this is often the case as criminals seek easy targets and often are thrilled to attack the same location over and over. 

Victims, acting under emotion pressure, often make hasty decisions and are not open to suggestion because the pain and fear associated with robbery, fire, assault and law suite is overwhelming.

So my question is simple...
Is it better to install a smoke detector before or after flames have destroys valuables?
Is it better to install an ADT monitored alarm system before a burglary or after you've filed an insurance claim? 

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