Sunday, December 15, 2013


Crime is nothing new. After all the first family in history suffered the agony of crime when Cane killed his brother, Able. It may seem as if the world has gone bonkers, but in reality not mush has changed; We simply have a thing called the “Media” that tells us about it all.

Crime is real. And it is our responsibility to conduct ourselves in a fashion that reduces the risk of being the victims of crime, violent or otherwise. It’s important to stop and think:
If I were a criminal, what vulnerabilities could I spot?
What would be the easiest way for a perpetrator to attach/victimize me?
What does my body language say about my ability to defend myself, family, property?
What do I own/have/wear, that criminals might find valuable and what would I do if someone wanted to take it?
Who can I call or where can I go in the event of an assault/crime?  

Questions like these bare thought - before bad things happen; And they do happen…everyday. 
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