Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Homes, Schools, Churches & Businesses
All need what I bring
So, I step to the door
I knock or bell ring
They all ask the question - How much does it cost
I answer by asking - how much will be lost
If the villains get wind
That your spot is easy pickings
It’s your windows they’ll shatter
Your doors, they’ll be kicking
It’s your treasured possessions
They will cart off
Of course, they are insured
But, they still will be lost
And what of your youngsters 
Alone, unattended
Do you know when they are home
And who they’ve befriended
Can you see if they are studying or watching TV
The price of this kind of control
Just how much should it be
To manage what matters
From the palm of your hand
Yet you call it’s expensive 
I don’t understand
Because, it’s less than the price 
Of your flat-screen TV
What I offer is priceless


Rippin & running these roads @ break-neck pace
Driving like l’m prepping for an Indie race
Gotta get in front of folks and show’em what I’ve got
They be break’n sweats cause they think  it costs a lot

But, all the driving doesn’t bother me 
I’ve got a jones to show off this technology
So I go here, there, all over the place
So folks can pick up their phone and view the business space

It’s quite a challenge, but man…I’m love’n what I do
As a matter of fact, I dig the paycheck too
So please forgive me, I can’t help but smile
I’m hook’n up BUSI’s mile after mile

And when the day’s work is done and I’m safely at home
I know I’ve made people safer, another ADT customer won


It’s been a beautiful day of shopping, work, activity, social activities - life. You arrive home to find your door standing open, your possessions strewn about and your electronics gone. This is a reality for thousands each day as shiftless thieves lay in wait for the hard-working person to  leave long enough for them to reap havoc. 

We take care to invest in comfy, cozy home environments. We pay our insurance premiums and hope we never have to report a claim. But we often forget a measure of protection that can possibly prevent the destruction, damage (tangible and emotional) of a home invasion.  

As a sales consultant for ADT, the nations oldest and largest Security Industry, I often meet clients who believe that security is for the rich and super-wealthy; not hard-working folks. This is a widespread myth. Anything…home, car, health, finances and certainly family, that is worth having is worth protecting. 
Home & Neighborhood Safety

We purchase insurance to cover loss. Isn’t it just smart to insure against that loss before it strikes? Statistics have shown that a home or business displaying signs of  security systems are far less likely to be targeted by thieves and vandals. Call me at 662-582-1105 to find out how you can protect your treasures and possibly qualify for a discount with your insurance agency!