Sunday, December 15, 2013


“Watch as well as Pray.” That’s what the Bible tells us. Staying safe is often a matter of being aware of potential threats and having contingency plans in place to thwart those threats. Nothing can keep us completely out of harm’s way, but we can avoid some mishaps just by keeping our eyes & minds open to them. 

This Holiday Season can be safer by taking a few common-sense step:
Put packages/gifts in the trunk instead of the back seat - out of sight.
Put all wrappings in black garbage bags after ripping then up. Don’t advertise that new 50” TV by sitting the box out on the curb.
Make it hard for intruders to know when your home is empty by keeping a different light on every day.
Choose the ADT Pulse System ( Get Hooked Up )to gain total control of your home/business  via remote monitoring.
Watch for strangers in your neighborhood.
Talk to your family about safety. 

Here are some great videos. And please feel free to call with questions and concerns: 662-582-1105. Happy Holidays…SMILE*

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