Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Rippin & running these roads @ break-neck pace
Driving like l’m prepping for an Indie race
Gotta get in front of folks and show’em what I’ve got
They be break’n sweats cause they think  it costs a lot

But, all the driving doesn’t bother me 
I’ve got a jones to show off this technology
So I go here, there, all over the place
So folks can pick up their phone and view the business space

It’s quite a challenge, but man…I’m love’n what I do
As a matter of fact, I dig the paycheck too
So please forgive me, I can’t help but smile
I’m hook’n up BUSI’s mile after mile

And when the day’s work is done and I’m safely at home
I know I’ve made people safer, another ADT customer won

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