Thursday, December 26, 2013


Quasimodo and Esmeralda sought sanctuary in the Cathedral. We too seek the protection of the Church in times of tribulation & great fear. But God dwells in our hearts, that is where He truly makes His home, not in a building. This is why we must not be confused about the safety of our houses of worship. The house of The Lord has the same needs as our domiciles. The bills must be paid to keep the utilities turned on. The grounds must be kept and the repairs made. The church, however Holy, will not clean itself - someone must vacuum and dust.

So; that stated, why is it that we put bars and alarms on our homes and expect God to work over-time keeping the church safe from thieves and vandals? The church is valuable property and should be protected as such. 

In the dusty-country, where I live, most houses of worship have no plans in place to thwart theft, fire, violence, molestation or any other calamities that are increasingly befalling modern-day sanctuaries. What’s worse is the lack of thought given to fact that it could happen to any of us at any given time. Rarely are such issues discussed in board meetings. Yet we are appalled when the headlines read of tragedy in a neighboring county/town.

Taking a stand for safety in the church is a pro-active and productive move. People are frightened and it’s only good leadership to alleviate those fears by implementing measures to combat church-place crime before it arises.

Here are some helpful links for educating your parish, family and community.  Remember…it’s not weakness to protect the ones you love - it’s smart.

ADT Security Service specializes in meeting the security needs of homes, industries, businesses, schools, farms and…yes - Churches too.

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