Saturday, March 7, 2015


Gone are the days when cooks leave pies on the window-sill to cool.

Its just to tempting for a passer-by, stray animal or even bugs to render the dessert lost or inedible. Modern cooks, working in modern kitchens, use modern techniques & technologies to prepare, cool & store food.

So why is it that so many modern homes are still being protected from unlawful entry by a small length of chain & a few screws?

Whether you home is modest

Or a monument

Your HOME is Your Castle

And deserves to be Guarded as such.

Your family, property & pets should be shielded from harm & mishaps with layers of protection.

Starting with gates, locks, bars

& with a monitored Security System that Alerts you,

ADT’s Monitoring Centers & the proper Authorities, should there be a fire, flood, intrusion or carbon monoxide threat.

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